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Posted on February 24th, 2008

Considering that our society is becoming more and more mobile as a result of a fluctuating job market one must ask what the necessities are for people on the move and how their furniture should be designed. Flexibility and mobility have become key concepts of today’s working world and yet we continue to create our own barriers to our success and mobility. We take on obligations and responsibilities and obtain house goods far beyond what we really need. When it comes time to move we are aware of the burden of our increasing accumulations. We must overcome our fundamental ideas of consuming so that we can move and change. A change from our accustomed style of life to a more mobile one will mean overcoming our desire to accumulate goods and possessions. At first glance the new mobility may seem restrictive and over economical yet the future generation will take the new style of life for granted and appreciate even more the increase in mobility, freedom and flexibility. Moving house is always a strain, a burden of time and expense. Even with several helpers the timing and planning, the transport and reassembly of the furniture is a strong man act.

The concept of the Casulo employs the preexisting transportation system and is ideal for short term, spontaneous changes of residence. Casulo does away with the problem of temporary furniture rentals and offers a winning solution to all the problems moving involves. We are facing an enormous challenge, for in the working-world of the future we will have to adapt to a more mobile style of life. The Casulo concept offers a inventive and achievable opportunity to face the demands of mobile living.

But with the vantages of the Product, there are also other concepts and services imaginable. For example solutions for:

rent market
house owners
real estate market


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